Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Portland Fashion Week

As I stated in my previous blog, the girls and I were in Portland last weekend to attend the Portland Fashion Week show. We were only able to attend on Saturday night due to traffic delays on Friday and I was really tired come Sunday. The show is advertised as the second longest running show on the West Coast. As such I can say they did have some things that I really liked from an organizational perspective. First the location. While I must say it was out in BFE, it was quite the interesting venue. Second, the seating concept. Each person was given a card with a row # based on what type of ticket they bought. The actual seating probably could have been smoother but in concept it was a great idea. The show itself. The designers we saw had great items. The show was thought out and well planned. My only issue was that the runway was on the floor and from where I was seated I could not see the length of pants or what shoes were paired with various items. Overall it was a lot of fun. Tonight is the last night. To see pictures from Saturday that Tarah took, look here. To see pictures of other nights check out ultrapdx

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