Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Neiman, Choo, & Prada - Who Could Ask for More

Bellevue Fashion Week was a couple of weeks ago and one thing that is becoming apparent quickly is that Bellevue is the high end fashion hub of the Northwest. First Neiman Marcus announced that they were coming to Bellevue. Next Jimmy Choo was announced to be putting a store in The Bravern. Now to top it off Nordstrom has decided to carry Prada at the Bellevue store. We may all ask why Bellevue, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal, eight of the ten wealthiest zip codes reside on the eastside. I will say that if I want to see the extremely high end I will trek to Bellevue and the rest of the time when I want to support local designers and boutiques I will make my way to Seattle. Bellevue may be where high end is however Seattle is a great place to check out new up and coming designers as well as great boutiques. The only question remains is, when will Manolo be joining the Bellevue crowd with its own store.

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