Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nordstrom Rack Grand Opening

Nordstrom Rack has opened a new store in Southcenter. The big day was Friday September 14th. I decided to stop by during my lunch period and it appears I was not the only person with that thought. The parking lot was absolutely full. I do not shop well at the Rack or stores that are like it. Chaos just doen't work well for me. I walked in the door and headed straight for shoes as you can tell how good of a Rack it is based on the selection of shoes. In the deisgner collection they had Coach, Cole Haan, Betsey Johnson, Taryn Rose as well as others. It was a pretty decent selection. If you are looking for some top brands at less expensive prices, Nordstrom Rack is the place to go. Also, for those of you with little girls, they have 7 jeans for $60.00 in 4-7 sizes. Maybe once the store has been around for a month I will make another attempt at the store and actually check out all they have to offer.

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