Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How does one know what the "new black" is?

Have you ever wondered how colors other than black are the "new black"? Think about this practically. Black is classic and versatile, not all colors can say that. When I see "Red is the New Black" I think to myself really. If I wanted to wear black and green together but decide on red in place of black, one word goes through my head, Christmas. Brown, gray and white could claim to be the "new black" as they also show signs of being classic and versatile and can pretty much be substituted anytime you would want to wear black. So instead of everyone calling a color the "new black" how about calling it the hot color for the season.
Here comes another issues related to what is the "new black." What is the best source for determining the information. In the last month alone I have seen falls "new black" defined as three different colors. Nordstrom thinks it is gray, In Style magazine thinks that it is white, and Newport News thinks that it is red. Anyother time I would probably believe In Style magazine but I am not sure white makes a great fall color. For Fall '07, I am going with Nordstrom's opinion and choosing, gray as this seasons hot, versatile color. To see some great examples check out my article "Trends for Fall" at anytime after August 22nd.
Talking about Urban Fashion, the site is going live on August 22nd with a launch party at the W Hotel in Downtown Seattle. We have partnered with DIFFA and their kickoff of "Party at the Mansion" that will be in October. For more information go to

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Tarah said...

I think pink should be the new black again!